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Time Kills Flowers by SIDE DƟƟR and DARTA LA

SIDE DƟƟR and DARTA LA have come together to create a truly unique album that blends their respective styles into a cohesive and emotionally resonant whole. The album, titled “Time Kills Flowers,” is set for release on Friday, April 28, 2023, and promises to be a must-listen for fans of raw, heartfelt singer-songwriter music.

The lead single from the album, “Time Kills Flowers,” was released on Friday, April 21, along with an accompanying music video. The song is a haunting and introspective ballad that showcases the strengths of both artists. SIDE DƟƟR’s vocals are emotive and heartfelt, while DARTA LA’s atmospheric production provides the perfect backdrop for the song’s melancholic lyrics.

One of the most interesting aspects of this collaboration is the fact that the two artists live on opposite sides of the world, with Keveen Baudouin (SIDE DƟƟR) based in Los Angeles and Florian Larriveau (DARTA LA) living in France. Despite this distance, they were able to create an album that feels like a true collaboration, with each artist contributing their own unique perspective and style to the project.

Keveen has described his SIDE DƟƟR project as a way to process his emotions and share his personal experiences with listeners. This raw and personal approach is evident throughout the album, and it’s clear that the collaboration with DARTA LA has allowed Keveen to explore new sonic territory and push himself creatively.

DARTA LA’s folk-inspired production style is a perfect match for SIDE DƟƟR’s emotive vocals and introspective lyrics. The two artists complement each other perfectly, and it’s clear that they have a deep mutual respect for each other’s work.

The album was written over the course of the first half of 2022, with each artist writing half of the songs. They then came together to finish the tracks and record the final versions. The result is a cohesive and emotionally powerful album that showcases the strengths of both artists.

In addition to the lead single, “Time Kills Flowers,” the album will also feature a music video for the song “Five Years,” which will premiere on the same day as the album release. Both videos will be available on YouTube, and the album will be available on all streaming platforms.

Fans of raw and emotive singer-songwriter music are sure to find something to love on “Time Kills Flowers.” The collaboration between SIDE DƟƟR and DARTA LA is a perfect match, and the result is an album that is both emotionally powerful and musically compelling.

Keveen’s willingness to explore his own personal experiences and emotions through music is commendable, and the collaboration with DARTA LA has allowed him to do so in a way that feels honest and authentic. The result is an album that is sure to resonate with listeners on a deep and personal level.