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Ron Gallo - live Cabaret Vert 2018– ARTE Concert

Ron Gallo Live @ Cabaret Vert 2018

Ron Gallo is on fire, love the send off... anti-climactic... watch to the end.

Ron Gallo is from Philadelphia but now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. In the American rock capital – which has hosted legends such as Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash – the musician has found the necessary soil to feed his music. The result ? It is to discover Green Cabaret!

00:37 Something Stupid (Frank Sinatra cover) 3:47 Put The Kids To Bed 7:05 Kill The Medicine Man 10:06 Always Elsewhere 14:06 New Song 15:57 Really Nice Guys 17:35 Twix Bar Bass Solo 18:00 Twix Bar Drums Solo 20:58 Do You Love Your Company 22:36 You Gotta Be (Des’ree cover) 25:06 It’s All Gonna Be OK 27:47 Please Yourself 32:27 Black Market Eyes 39:19 Emotional Impact For Sale 45:00 OM 45:36 Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me