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‘She Dives’ is a song from the brand new second album ‘Bubbleburst’ by Danish dreamy pop-project Moon Loves Honey. The music video by director Martin Cederholm releases October 1st and in it you find frontman Jeppe Dengsø singing, dancing and playing around on rooftops and by the seaside in the city Haderslev. One the catchiest tracks on ‘Bubbleburst’ and the most carefree and upbeat single in Moon Loves Honey’s discography, ‘She Dives’ sits as the centerpiece on the album which released September 20th and it neatly incapsulates the sound of the entire album; a synth-heavy, melodically acrobatic and rocking popsong, oozing of youthful longing. The band will soon be performing on stages around Denmark, until then you can dive in and listen to ‘Bubbleburst’.

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